I like odd projects, excuses to learn, and applying skill in new ways. Collaborators who ask a lot of “what if” questions.

I am a swiss army knife in a cool niche, where what I make can mean the world to one person, or spark inspiration in thousands. Scale is fun, so is deep impact for a special few.

I aim to be the zany character in the story, all the better if I have to compete with colleagues for said title 😉

Please check the menu or the Fancy Bio below for concrete examples.

Fancy Bio

Lia Holland is a writer, activist, and social artist in Portland, OR, USA. For over a decade, her work in the entertainment industry incited a sense of belonging and inspiration in hundreds of thousands of people by pairing activism and social good with music.

The success of this work led her to focus in on her greatest loves from the music space—writing, unique communities, and human rights organizing. Having lit and carried the torch for some of the most demanding fan bases in entertainment, she has now broadened her focus while still keeping her roots in the mom n’ pop festivals she loves.

Lia currently serves as the Campaigns & Communications Director for Fight for the Future, the viral digital rights nonprofit behind the largest online protests in history. In her campaigning, she focuses on web3 technologies and copyleft organizing—underpinned by the philosophy that artists and creators need to eat even as they work to make existing creative monopolies, Big Tech giants, and other discriminatory gatekeeping institutions obsolete.

From age fifteen onward, she worked and volunteered independently with an array of event clients while participating in ecodefense, anti-war, and LGBTQ+ organizing. Her events work culminated in the passion project of founding Electric Forest’s Plug In Program—a first-of-its-kind fan engagement platform with the intent to cultivate staying power in what has grown to be one of the largest and most celebrated music festivals in North America. In 2014 she transitioned to a full-time role with AEG’s Madison House Presents. At a corporate level, the title of Community Engagement Manager was created for her. Lia’s achievements at Madison House Presents include a Group Hug World Record attempt with over 8,000 participants and the #EF2016Reveal, which delivered physical letters that announced a lineup artist in a 12-hour frenzy that was celebrated by marketing specialists and adopted by Radiohead to announce their tour that summer.

Growing up in rural Oregon, Lia gained a lifelong love for the Pacific Northwest and that’s where she went next, refining her focus into the nonprofit and advocacy space while expanding as an artist in her own right. As a member of the LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse communities, she is particularly jazzed to be crafting speculative novels and short stories just like she wanted to as a kid, working with an intimate critique group of published authors that would make her child-self proud. She alternates days at the laptop with adventures to the forests, mountains, and beaches she’ll never get enough of. She can make a pretty deadly huckleberry pie, too.

Collaborators include The Oregon Country Fair, High Sierra Music Festival, Summer Meltdown, Forest Hills Stadium, StoryCorps, VICE, Burners Without Borders, To Write Love On Her Arms, HeadCount, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, Propeller, The Do Lab, Thievery Corporation, The Glitch Mob, and CreativeMornings Portland. Coverage of her work has been featured in dozens of major news publications.

Lia’s talents, curiosity, and fearless attitude fuel her craving for fresh challenges that improve our world. In every project, she draws inspiration from the great, diverse creators of our time—especially those that challenge convention. She seeks projects, friends, and collaborators with a similar ethos.

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