Brand Strategy

A sign of health for a brand is when your fans start to critique your every move. Their feedback and attention to detail means that you’ve crafted something they care about deeply enough to fight for it, and that is no small feat.

I enjoy creating brands that move people from the ground up, as well as working in existing spaces to build systems and aesthetics that evolve to steal the hearts of casual participants. This process most often includes doors that swing both ways, to allow your customers to be the center of your story.

Some of the questions I ask when I consider a brand-based project include:

  • Is this brand ready to dedicate itself to crafting a platform that can support a thriving community?
  • Who would this project serve, and how can this brand be a healthy part of their story?
  • How would the success of this brand make the world better?
  • Can this brand bring happiness to people?
  • How do we make this fun?