This is where you find out that I am an even bigger nerd than you thought.

I write big-concept speculative fiction rich in detailed literary influence. While generally eschewing technology-focused stories (I get enough of that at the day job!), I build tightly-plotted, character-driven narratives that explore the externalities of humanity’s shortcomings—and how things might be different. My love of the natural world (from homemade teas, to amateur mycology, to what it feels like to backpack up several mountains in one day) permeates the worlds I create and the experiences of the people I imagine in them. I write primarily at the crossroads of Science Fiction/Fantasy and Literary Fiction, dishing out big topics, big drama, and epic themes fit for any book club discussion. In all of my writing, I work hard to stay accessible by exploring important ideas in a way that is compulsively readable.

Being extensively experienced in brand copy, ticketing (82 different ticket tiers to explain? Been there!), social media, biography, and op-eds (including recently Fast Company, Wired, and The Oregonian) has helped me immensely in cultivating a clear and to-the-point standard for my fiction. As a member of the LGBTQ+ and neurodiverse communities, representation is a must in my creative work.

I believe that books are magic, and remain completely dedicated to the craft and the joy it brings me regardless of knowing way too much about how the sausage is made in the traditional publishing industry. Having worked in the arts for well over a decade to support other creatives, I’m thrilled to finally be making my own way as a writer with support from an intimate critique group of traditionally published authors.

Novel and short story drafts are available upon request from reputable organizations.

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